Super4 USB Relay Module Windows Software

Version 1.2 Updated 18-05-2009

64 bit version including source code.
Version 64.1 Updated 21-04-2023

DLL for controlling Super4 Relays from custom applications. See readme file for instructions.

Windows driver from FTDIchip

This is an executable installer for the USB drivers. Required by TCTEC relay boards. Download and install the setup executable.

Relayset 3.0 Released 29-01-2008

Windows console (command line) application for controlling Super4 relay boards.

Relay Mapper installer version 1.9 (updated 24-01-2011)
                          *XP user require DOT NET Runtime (download here)

               - Relaymapper 1.7  
               - FTDI USB drivers  
               - relayset 3.0

tctecUSB4.dll DotNET Class Library version 2.6 (updated 18-05-2009)

Class for accessing and controlling Super4 Relay boards.

For visual studio projects (C#, Visual Basic DotNET)

1. Add this dll and the FTD2XX.dll to your project directory.

2. Add this dll (tctecUSB4.dll) as a reference to your project (Add Reference)

3. The super4 USB class will then be available to your project.

Simple Java Class (updated 27-07-2008)

Java programming example uses jd2xx java version of ftdi drivers

C# example project   Version 1.0

VB dot NET example project  Version 1.2

VB6 Example Project  Version 1.0

Visual Studio C++ Example using FTD2XX dll