Top16 USB IO Module
Generic interface to output devices such as relays, solenoids, strikes, low voltage lamps, unipolar stepper motors.
Read inputs from sensors and switches.

8 X Current sinking (switch to ground) outputs, 250mA to 30 Volts
Individual PWM control on all outputs

8 X Simultaneous Digital (0 to 30 V) and Analog Inputs (0 to 5 Volt single-ended 12 bit)

USB powered

User Manual (pdf)


top16DLL version 1.6 API (DLL) for windows applications.

Example using top16.dll in C#

Labview vi (6i and above) updated 24-July-2008

Top16 Manager version 2.0 
Installer for Microsoft Windows. Change names and test Top16 IO boards.
                                                       *Requires DOT NET Runtime (download here)

Top16 Manager Version 2.3 - compatibility with 64 bit Windows
Linux Library using libftd2xx

Using Virtual COMPORT to Control the Top-16

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